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“Supreme” Massage Chair



New SL-Track Massage:
Massage functional track from the head all the way to the buttocks. The super long track brings the user a seamless massage. This track uses the 3D mechanism to adjust to the body size of the user, bringing a personalized massage experience.

Space Saver:
The chair will slide forward firstly and then reclines down. This functionality helps save with space. Only 5cm is needed between a wall and the chair.

Double Pillow:
A fully adjustable double layered pillow, made to fit the user as they please.

Zero Gravity:
In the zero gravity position, the seat moves to the ideal 120 angle, distributing body weight and reducing pressure on the body to deliver the ultimate in comfort. Move the chair into its zero gravity position to remove all stress on the muscles and experience a weightless sensation.

Massage Modes:
There are five different automated massage modes. As well as a fully customizable “manual” mode with various options the user can play with in order to personalize the experience.

Full Leg, Ankle, And Foot Massage:
Each leg of these massage chairs feature over 15 individual pressure applicators that gently squeeze, tighten, and release tension and stress held in the legs. Most of your tension and stress lies in the feet and ankles, this is why the chairs are packed with foot rollers and airbags specifically designed for the sole, arch, heel, and ankle of the feet. Giving the individual the best foot rolling pressure system ever designed in the massage chair market. There are three rows of rollers on foot in line with the human foot acupuncture points.

Heating function to help improve the blood circulation to the muscles as well as heat up the body in cold conditions.

Back Intensity:
Back intensity adjustment. There are 6 levels for selection. All of which are adjustable to best suit the intensity necessary for the user at any time.

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